1. AfriCare Wrestling Competition 2017
  2. Light Weight Flag Bearer... Hon. Hammat Bah
  3. Flag Bearer. For Supporting SeneGambian Wrestling
  4. Flag Bearer...
  5. Medium Weight Flag Bearer... Hon. Henry Gomes
  6. Heavy Weight Flag Bearer... Hon. Ousainou Darboe
  7. Presidential Flag Bearer. Grand Combat
  8. Title 22
  9. `

AfriCare Wrestling Competition 2017

Africare Charity Talent Show via
Saint Foundation

Inauguration of Gambian President

Meet Yousou Ndure

  1. Title 8
  2. Title 177

Timaya Press Event by The AfriCare Group

Flavor Stadium Event by The AfriCare Group

Training Models For Run Way (Coco Nut Residence)