Meet The Team

  1. Marie M. Sock
    Marie M. Sock
    Marie is an International Entrepreneur, she has vast knowledge and experience of over 30yrs. She is also from the, business, Art and Entertainment Industry both in The Gambia and Abroad.
  1. Alfred JJ Robinson
    Alfred JJ Robinson
    Director/Head of Affairs
    Alfred JJ is the Head of Affairs for The AfriCare Group, overseeing all department, Real Estates and management of properties, rentals and land purchases and sales. IT: Developing and hosting websites, creating logos, and social sites.
  1. Dinah K. Suah
    Dinah K. Suah
    Office Manager
  2. Sheona Murray
    Sheona Murray
    Managing Consultant
    Sheona is the managing consultant for the AfriCare Group.
  1. Mr Mohammed Kora (Mo)
    Mr Mohammed Kora (Mo)
    Diaspora Coordinator
    Mr Kora is the Diaspora Investment Coordinator for The AfriCare Group Ltd, and has extensive experience in bridging the gap between different cultures, bringing people together for life investment opportunities and financial security
  2. Mamat Faye
    Mamat Faye
    Fashion PhotoGrapher
    Mamat heads the fashion media photograph for the AfriCare Group Ltd.
  3. Yusupha Maneh
    Yusupha Maneh
    Financial Consultant
    Mr. Maneh is the heads of the Financial reports, filling and documentation for The AfriCare Group Limited
  4. Alpha Kahn King
    Alpha Kahn King
    Mr Kahn works directly with the Real Estate section of the AfriCare Group Ltd doing business as ACTREPM, as an Independent Consultant/Rental Agent.