Meet The Team

  1. Marie M. Sock
    Marie M. Sock
    Marie is an International Entrepreneur, she has vast knowledge and experience of over 30yrs. She is also from the, business, Art and Entertainment Industry both in The Gambia and Abroad.
  1. Ingrid Huchard
    Ingrid Huchard
    Consultant/Volunteer CA, USA.
    Ms Ingrid has a B.A in Business Management, and also specializes in Youth Advocacy and Development programs. Background: US Navy Veteran
  1. James Jason Vamboi
    James Jason Vamboi
    Consultant / Computer Hardware Engineer & Systems Administration, Real Estate Agent
  2. Mamat Faye
    Mamat Faye
    Fashion PhotoGrapher
  3. Yusupha Maneh
    Yusupha Maneh
    Financial Consultant
  4. Moses Alpha Kahn
    Moses Alpha Kahn
    Consultant/Real Estate Manager