Meet The Team
  1. Executive Director
    Marie Sock
    Marie is the Founder and Head of Operations of the AfriCare Group Limited, with a vast experience of over 30 years in Marketing and Sales.
  2. Executive Director
    Jay Jay Robinson
    IT/Estate Director
    Jay is the Head of Affairs, Real Estate and IT department of the AfriCare Group.
  3. Executive Director
    Lamin Jammeh
    Programs Coordinator
    Mr Jammeh handles all the Youth Programs, with a vast knowledge of youth mobilization
  4. Executive Director
    Paul Joof
    Financial Advisor
  5. Executive Director
    Mamat Faye
    Fashion PhotoGrapher
  6. Executive Director
    Lamin Darboe
    Independent Realtor
  7. Executive Director
    Susan Gomes
    Secretary Assistance
  8. Executive Director
    Frank Kermah
    Independent Consultant
    Frank, a former banker who currently runs a Dept Recovery Company, and is also an independent Consultant to the AfriCare Group